On the island of Korčula there are two ferryboat harbours, one in Vela Luka and other in Korčula. It takes 3 hours from Split to Vela Luka by ferry. Arriving in Vela Luka, Blato is only 7 km away.

The ferry ride from Orebić (Pelješac peninsula) to Korčula is 20 minutes long. Arriving in Korčula, Blato is 35 km to the west.


You may also arrive in Blato by bus. There are direct bus lines with Dubrovnik and Zagreb throughout the year, and with Sarajevo and Beograd during the summer time.

Additional information and timetables may be found here:

AK Split  AK Dubrovnik  AK Zagreb.

If you need information for local communting lines, please contact Autotrans office (060 37 30 60), its  branch offices in Blato (020 851 288), Vela Luka (020 812 078), our tourist board office or tourist and travel agencies throughout the island..