The main producer of wine and olive oil is the company Blato 1902 and its products you can buy in all Croatia. Most of the Blato’s inhabitants make its own vine and olive oil, so if you are on your vacations in Blato you can get homemade products from your hosts.
You can buy the premium quality and quality wines and extra virgin olive oil of Blato 1902 in their stores and in the supermarkets across Croatia. The best wines are white Pošip and red Plavac, and the best olive oil is Marco Polo.
As we mentioned, most the locals have their own vineyards and olive groves. If you come to Blato in autumn you can join the grape and olive harvesting. And if you are on vacation in Blato or one of its coves you can probably buy home made wine or olive oil from your hosts.
Blato’s wines are mainly made from the autochthonous varieties of plavac, babić and cetinka. The olive oils are also made out of indigenous varieties oblica, drobnica and lastovka. Lastovka is the variety typical for the island of Korčula and give the island oils it specific bitterly-fresh flavour.

Here are some of local wine and olive oil producers.


Blato 1902 d.d
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P.Z „Korčula vino“
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Farm “Bačić““Bačić“
Oil mill“Žanetić“ d.o.o  
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