The Battle of Giča happened in 1571 at Giča, a plain by the Blato-Prižba road. It happened between the locals  and pirates . People of Blato won and to commemorate that event every summer the reconstructon of the battle is held. The participants of the reconstruction are the members of the Knight's society Kumpanija in their traditional costumes.

The Battle of Giča will take you back to the past like a time machine. It is actually a reconstruction of a battle that happened in 1571 near Blato. The invaders entered the town and captivated women and children. Men, organised in the militia called Kumpanija, caught the enemies at Giča, rescued their families and won at the battle.

The sword dance Kumpanija developed from the exercises of that militia. The tradition of the dance is preserved by the Knight society Kumpanija. The reconstruction of the battle is held at the begining of August.