Blatska torta ® - the Queen of Cakes from the Island of Korčula

Blato and the Island of Korčula have long been famous for lumblija, a delicious local cake. Since October 2017, you can enjoy an exciting new product – blatska torta®.

The two have the same ingredients and are linked by a love story. Love and lumblija prompted Kristina Sardelić, who owns Moja Nadalina confectioner’s, to come up with the recipe for blatska torta ®, a new, unique cake with all the ingredients of lumblija, delivering a taste of history adapted to modern palates.

Why is it called blatska torta ®? Simple – it was created in Blato, and the ingredients are taken from the old Blato recipe for lumblija. Kristina is originally from Vela Luka, but her husband is from Blato. She presented the cake to him as a sign of their love and in gratitude for his endless support in helping her build up her small, sweet kingdom.

Blatska torta ® made its first appearance in October 2017 at the 6th Days of Blatska Lumblija event.

Blatska torta ® is copyrighted to Kristina with a seal and industrial design registered at the State Institute for Intellectual Ownership:

Blatska torta ®
Kristina Sardelić

Moja Nadalina d.o.o.
Ulica 47, br. 20
20271 Blato/Korčula
+385/95 843 2220

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