On the southern side of the island Blato’s coves start with Slatina on the west to Vinačac on the east. The southern shore is more indented, but partially very steep, too – at some places the cliffs are 30 m high. There are many anchorages and coves protected from the northern winds but open towards the southern ones: Prižba, Gršćica, Karbuni and Triporte.

Southern coast is followed by a string of smaller and larger islands that are particularly popular destination for kayak or motorboat trips. From the southern side of the island of Korčula you can see the island of Lastovo and the open sea, and sometimes, on the clear days, Italian mountains are visible.
In every cove there are vacation houses with apartments to rent, and larger coves are Prižba, Gršćica and Karbuni.

Prižba is made of several smaller coves: Podjamje, Danca, Mala and Velika Prižba and two small peninsulas: Ratak and Prišćapac. Prišćapac is also a tourist resort with pebbles beach and all the tourist services.
From both sides of the peninsula of Ratak are pebbles beaches and close to those are a campsite, a café, a restaurant and a grocery store. On the peninsula of Ratak there is the small monastery of the Daughters of Mercy where the mass is held on summer Sundays.
In Prižba you can rent a motorboat and take it you to the nearby islands that are only around 800 m away from the coast. The islands are Vrhovnjak, Sritnjak, Crklica and Stupa, they are uninhabited, and have many spots suitable for sunbathing and swimming.
On the peninsula of Prišćapac there is the diving centre. The professional staff organises diving trips and diving instructions.

Gršćica is an old fishers harbour especially suitable for anchoring sailboats. You can find many apartments to rent there.
Gršćica captivates with the charm of the fishers harbour. There you can still see the nets spread to dry, fishermen weaving nets, and if you get up really early you can meet them when they return from the fishing and buy fresh fish on the spot.
In Gršćica you can find a see-food restaurant, a campsite and a diving centre.

The island of Zvirinovik protects Karbuni from the winds and the cove was always the safe fishers harbour, while today is a popular anchorage for the sailboats.
Only couple of hundreds meters from the coast of Karbuni there are small islands perfect for isolated swimming, diving or kayak rides.
There is a restaurant in the cove, and the asphalt road that leads through vineyards and olive groves connects it to Blato.