tjedanblataVisit Blato every April from 23rd to 28th and you will find many events to attend: from concerts and exhibitions to religious processions and folklore performances.

The Blato Week starts on April 23. i.e., Blato Liberation Day that marks the end of the occupation by the Fascist Italy in the World War II. It ends on April 28, St. Vincenca Day, the patron saint of Blato.
This is a very festive week in Blato: there are many concerts, the municipality gives awards to the meritorious citizen, the works of the Blato artists are presented, there are numerous sport competitions.

The climax of the week is on April 28, St. Vincenca Day and the Day of the Municipality of Blato. The patron saint of Blato, St. Vincenca is the Roman martyr, and her relics were translated to Blato in 1795. Every year her day is celebrated with the solemn mass and the procession around the town.

Before the mass the folklore Knight's society Kumpanija has its main annual performance. On that occasion Kumpanija and Tanac are performed. Kumpanija is the sword dance performed by men, and Tanac is the couples’ dance. Kumpanija preserves the tradition of the militia then once protected the town from the invaders. Accompanied with the drum and the bagpipes, the dancers follow the captain performing different combination. The dance of the flag-bearer performed with a large flag is particularly interesting.