Blato Cultural Centre is a representative multi-storey modern space opened in August 2020 after many years of investment and furnishing works. The first floor is wholly intended for archaeology, presenting a very important archaeological site: a late Iron-Age necropolis of the hillfort settlement located on the northern edge of Blato Field.

“City of the Dead overlooking the Field of Life”

The exhibition presents excavated archaeological finds at the necropolis of the hillfort settlement Kopila, located on the southern hillslope of the prehistoric hillfort Stražišće, just above Blato Field on the island of Korčula. Kopila is one of the most representative archaeological sites from the Iron Age and a valued source for understanding the historical and cultural interactions of the indigenous population with Greek and Roman settlers who colonized the eastern Adriatic coast.

The second floor is a modern gallery named after the artist Nataša Cetinić from Blato, which is intended as an exhibition space for academic artists from Blato, the island and other locations.

Visit Blato Cultural Centre and get to know a part of Blato’s rich history and heritage!

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