Blato is a small town in the centre of the island of Korčula. It offers many facilities and services and the accommodation can be found in numerous vacation houses in the surrounding coves.

You will find all the necessary facilities in Blato: supermarkets, sports grounds, well-equipped medical centre, many specialized shops, restaurants, post office and ATM machines.

If you are interested in history, you will love Blato for its charm of the old times. You may visit the parish church, the church square with the loggia or Barilo ethno house. One can also visit the Sanctuary of blessed Marija Petković, to say a prayer or seek for the spiritual experience.

The accommodation is provided in the nearby coves, to the north or the south of Blato. In larger ones, you will find restaurants, grocery shops, and sports grounds, while in smaller ones you will find peace and quiet, together with the crystal clear sea, which will give you a perfect relaxation.

With its population of 3 500 people, Blato is interesting even outside its peak  season. Why don't you visit Blato and discover what this town and its charming hosts have to offer...

While in Blato look at the street signs: the streets do not have names but numbers instead.